What makes a luxury home, well, luxurious? The term is sometimes used by those who want to add some prestige to their real estate listing. And since there’s no set definition for luxury homes, this can be easy to do. But if the amenities, square footage, and location aren’t all top-notch, the home may be great, but not high end.

In this article, learn more about the characteristics and features of high end homes.

What is a Luxury Home?

Luxury homes are often quite large, constructed from premium building materials, feature lavish decor, and have a variety of upscale amenities. You’ll find these high end homes in the best, most desirable locations. They’re priced at the top 10% of the local real estate market.

What Makes a Luxury Home?

If you had to describe your dream luxury home, you might envision a prime location on the beach, immense square footage, or expensive materials like marble or exotic hardwoods. You’re on the right track! Let’s take a closer look at a luxury home features list to clarify what makes a luxury home.

Higher Price

Modern and luxury homes come with a price tag to match. The lower end of the range spans from $500,000 to $3 million, but it varies greatly by geographical location. For example, if you’re looking for a luxury home in New York, prices start around $4 million.

Prime Location

When it comes to location, you’ll find luxury home properties in the most coveted areas. Think mountaintops, beachfronts, or a dazzling city overlooks. Find the hottest spot in town and that’s where high end homes will pop up. However, communities are always evolving, so a favored area might not always be desirable. For example, if a new development blocks your once-amazing view, the property value will go down.


When it comes to luxury and modern homes, bigger is better. The larger the square footage – whether more rooms or larger open spaces – the more luxurious the home. And the greater the property’s value.

High-Quality Materials

Forget “builder grade” materials! Luxury homes use only the highest quality supplies for both interior and exterior finishes. Luxury home materials might include expensive choices like granite countertops, marble bathroom floors, or Venetian plaster for the walls. You’ll also find professional-grade kitchen appliances fit for a chef.

Architectural Design

Luxury home architecture design is far from cookie-cutter. This uniqueness adds to the property’s value. Homes are often built to suit the taste and lifestyle of the original owner, making them one-of-a-kind. In some cases, a famous architect leads the design process. Depending on their popularity and the current trends, this can make the home even more appealing to buyers.

Modern Amenities

Luxury home amenities might be the most fun aspect of high end homes. These lavish amenities go beyond the typical conveniences you’ll find in a standard home. Smart home technology, in-home theaters, full arcades, indoor rock climbing walls, tennis courts, and wine cellars are just a few of the decadent features available. Each amenity adds to the home’s value.


Privacy in luxury homes is key. Your property will likely feature gated entrances with security, huge lawns, high walls, and lots of foliage – all making your luxury home a personal refuge from the outside world.

Key Takeaway

Although the term luxury home isn’t firmly defined, features like price, size, location, and quality materials are good indicators that a property is high end.

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