A luxury home makes a statement as soon as you approach the door. Whether it’s the unique architecture, carefully planned landscaping, or a picture-perfect entryway, you know this house is something special. Once inside, modern luxury homes are often spacious and well-appointed, using the best materials and designed by experts in their craft.

But what makes a home truly luxurious is how it feels to live there. Comfortable, at ease, entertained – and perhaps a bit spoiled! It’s the experience. Let’s take a look at six luxury home features that give homeowners everything they need to enjoy their living space to the fullest.

Smart Home Systems

While you may love the convenience of your Amazon Alexa, luxury homes have technology that takes home automation to another level. Luxury smart home systems offer greater personalization, intuitively adapting to the homeowner’s preferences. They also have more features and a single interface for ease of control. For example, with a product like Savant, the house warms as you wake up, your favorite song plays, and the shades rise to let in the morning light. Now that’s a luxury smart home!

Home Tennis Courts

A home tennis court is a popular addition to modern luxury homes. Some high end homes feature a multi-sport court that accommodates basketball, pickleball, and volleyball as well. When it has attractive fencing to catch those loose balls, a high-quality surface, complementary landscaping, and a lighting system for playing after dark, it’s even more appealing. Having an outdoor space to stay physically fit is increasingly important to luxury homebuyers.

In-Home Library

There’s nothing more luxurious than an in-home library. Whether it’s designed with a cozy reading nook by the window, tall bookcases with a rolling ladder, or armchairs by the fireplace, a home library conjures up a sense of peacefulness and comfort. Modern luxury homes may blend an in-home library with a home office, combining custom bookcases and an old-fashioned desk with hidden electronics for a timeless look.

Modern Home Wine Cellar

A wine cellar has long been a status symbol for the affluent. Today is no different. However, the modern home wine cellar is both beautiful and practical. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be in the basement. With a temperature-controlled room right off the kitchen, luxury homeowners can invite their guests to select a bottle. Often enclosed in glass with LED lighting, it’s both attractive and convenient. For homeowners who only have the occasional glass, a wine refrigerator is easily incorporated into a gourmet kitchen.

Custom Home Garage

Among luxury home features, the garage may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but it’s an increasingly popular place to be. A custom home garage goes far beyond just a storage space for your vehicles. With a bar area, memorabilia, large-screen TV, and surround sound, it’s transformed into the perfect man cave. Or, it can be a fully-stocked workshop for the creative hobbyist with shelves, tools, and plenty of space to work.

Detached “Mother-in-Law Suite”

For privacy and comfort, there’s no better luxury feature than the detached mother-in-law suite house. Modern luxury homes often have a separate wing or detached building to welcome guests. This makes family and friends feel exceptionally comfortable while they stay. Alternatively, many luxury homes have extra bedroom suites, so guests can have their own bathroom.

Key Takeaway

While this just scratches the surface of luxury home features, it should give you an idea of what you might expect to see in million-dollar properties. If you’re considering a luxury home, the experts at Fox & Roach can help you evaluate which features make sense for you and your family.