When there are multiple bidders for a house, it’s not always the highest offer that wins. Writing a real estate offer letter is a smart way to tap into the seller’s emotional connection to their home. Learn what a “dear seller letter” is and get tips from the real estate experts at BHHS Fox & Roach on how you can make yours as compelling as possible.

What is an Offer Letter in Real Estate?

A real estate offer letter accompanies a homebuyer’s formal bid. Often handwritten, the letter conveys a genuine personal message about why the buyer wants to own the home. In some cases, the letter might persuade the seller to consider the offer, even if it isn’t as competitive as other bids.

Tips for Writing a Compelling Offer Letter

When writing a real estate introduction letter, put yourself in the seller’s shoes. How would you feel if the buyer was excitedly talking about all the cosmetic changes they’re planning to make? Or if the letter feels forced and insincere?

We’ll help you avoid these and other common pitfalls. Here are six tips to keep in mind when you sit down to write your letter.

  • Use their first name(s) – Your home offer letter is meant to build a relationship. Using the seller’s first name sets the tone for a friendly, informal message.
  • Handwrite the letter – When the seller receives a handwritten letter, it adds a nice personal touch. Use nice stationery so it feels like a card from a friend. This extra effort reinforces your image as a person (or family) seeking their dream home, not just a stranger on the other end of a real estate transaction.
  • Make an emotional connection – Homeowners often feel better about selling their beloved home to someone who feels familiar or trusted in some way. See what you might have in common and mention it in your letter. For example, if you see university paraphernalia from your alma mater, you could share your connection. If the sellers raised their children in the home, talk about how excited your kids are about the house.
  • Compliment them – Flattery never hurts. Highlight the features of the home that made you fall in love. Sellers will feel good about selling their home to someone who appreciates their hard work and shares their design aesthetic. Tell them what made their home “the one.”
  • Reinforce your seriousness – Sellers don’t want offers to fall through if the buyer’s financing doesn’t pan out. Be clear that this is the home you want. Talk about your financial stability. If you’ve gotten pre-qualified or pre-approved for a loan, share this information along with any proof from the lender.
  • Keep it less than one page – A home offer letter should only include what’s essential. A few paragraphs should cover each of the points we’ve discussed. You want the seller to read your letter and immediately have a sense of why you’re the best choice.

Sample Offer Letter for a House

Even with the tips above, it’s tough when you’re staring at a blank page. To help you write a compelling letter, here’s a real estate offer letter template that incorporates all our best practices. If you don’t have a real estate agent yet, find a BHHS Fox & Roach agent near you to review your offer letter before you send it. They may have additional insights based on the neighborhood or type of seller.

Real Estate Offer Letter to Home Seller Template

A strong real estate offer letter builds a positive relationship with the seller and gives them peace of mind that the sale will go through without a hitch. In a competitive real estate market, this simple step could mean the difference between getting the house or starting your home search again.