Planning to renovate your kitchen?

Today’s designs are eschewing traditional layouts in favor of adding space, features, and functionality – assets that never lose their value. Here are some disruptive approaches to configuring your dream kitchen.

Break it down!

Rather than one large refrigerator with a freezer, break it apart and put elements where you need them. Dishwasher drawers, warming or chilling drawers, and a separate fridge and freezer allow you to maximize workspace and keep things at hand – or out of the way – depending on your unique style and flow.

Be in the zone

Establish work zones and build around them – a zone for prep, for baking, for the barista, and for the sommelier. Multiple sinks as well as function-specific drawers, cabinets, and outlets now make it possible for you to perform your magic while guests and family sit, chat, or grab a drink without being underfoot.

Light it up

Back in the day, the kitchen had minimal lighting options. You usually had a single overhead light, then one on the range hood and inside the fridge. That’s drastically changed. Whether you want focused functionality or a cozy nook for coffee and conversation, there’s a lighting solution for that.

Technology rules

Historically relegated to the home theater, man cave, or office, technology has finally reached the kitchen. By adding features like heated floors, refrigerators that sync your shopping list to your phone, and coffee makers with recognition technology, you’ll make life easier and be ahead of the curve.

Make it fast and easy

Speaking of making life easier, think about what elements you could add that would help you cook faster and more consistently. Features like induction cooktops, convection ovens, and self-cleaning anything make your home quite appealing to future home buyers.

Blurred lines

It’s no longer necessary to leave the professional equipment to the pros. Professional tools like a steam oven, fryer, Sous Vide, or iron griddle add functionality and a special edge to set your kitchen apart from the everyday upgrade.

Blended family

Refrigerators, cooktops, and appliances break the clean lines of cabinetry and countertop. Invisible fridges, burners integrated into the countertop, and small appliance garages make it possible for appliances to seamlessly blend into your beautiful new design.

Talk to the Pros

No matter how clear your vision, the most valuable element you can add to your new kitchen plan is a qualified designer. Experienced professionals know how to build the most value into your plan. They think about workflow and functionality. For example, they can find ingenious ways to squeeze more space out of your floorplan. Plus, they can discern a flash-in-the-pan trend from an enduring design aesthetic. And most importantly, they know where to get the best materials at the best prices.

A kitchen remodel can increase your home’s value significantly. If you want to get the most bang for your buck, it’s also smart to consult with a real estate professional. With their knowledge of the local market, they can advise what features would give your home the best advantage if you were to sell — and if your upgrades would be well above what’s found in the neighborhood. Contact BHHS Fox & Roach to get expert advice.