When you want to increase your home’s potential to sell, lighting can have a bigger impact than you realize. And the best thing about it is the low cost. Here’s how to attract buyers with a bit of creativity and a small budget.

Exterior Lighting

First impressions are everything. Make your home look warm and inviting with some strategically placed outdoor lighting.

  • Your eaves are a perfect place to add can lights.
  • If your porch and garage lights look dated, find something that adds style and flair to your home.
  • Draw buyers’ attention to your well-manicured yard. Placing a few landscape spotlights will allow them to see your flowers and mark a clear pathway to the door.

And don’t forget to keep them clean. You don’t want spider webs or hazy covers to make your home look like it hasn’t been maintained.

Interior Lighting

The right lighting can transform the feel of your home.

  • If a room feels dark, you don’t always have to purchase a lamp. Consider recessed lighting to add ambiance and gentle glow. They’re also more energy-efficient and give you control over the amount of light.
  • If you have an entry or hallway with art, track lighting will allow you to draw attention to these pieces, giving ideas to potential buyers.
  • You can find a centerpiece chandelier to hang over your kitchen table that can act as the room’s focal point.
  • Hanging orb lights and bamboo pendant lights will transform any ordinary bedroom.
  • If your bathroom just has a harsh overhead light, take a trip to your local home improvement store and walk down the lighting aisle. You’ll find a variety of vanity lights, sconces, and other alternatives.

Keep in mind that an attractive fixture can sway buyers when it’s included in the home sale, so be sure to communicate that you won’t be taking it with you.


Don’t be afraid to experiment with lighting. If you decide you don’t like it, it can always be undone.

  • For those who want to go DIY, spend a few hours looking through Pinterest and you’ll certainly find something to add a memorable touch.
  • If you’d rather go shopping, big box stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s have more options than you can imagine. You could also visit a lighting specialty store or buy an antique.

The real estate professionals at BHHS Fox & Roach use their years of experience to help homeowners get the most value possible from their home sale. We know that small changes like lighting can make a big difference. Talk to our agents to take advantage of our combined knowledge and experience when you sell your home.