When you are making the move to a new neighborhood, town, or state, choosing the right NJ school for your child is at the top of your priority list. You want to make sure that the school that you choose will be one in which your child thrives, has an opportunity to be taught by the best teachers, makes friends, has fun, and flourishes.

Of course, choosing the right school means taking a number of factors into consideration. If you are planning for a move and are worried about where your kid will get the best education, here are some tips for finding the perfect school for your child.

Consider Any Special Needs of Your Child

If your child has special needs, this should be your first priority. Special needs can range greatly based on the child; some children need a more academically challenging environment to thrive, others may excel in an environment that is designed for children with autism or Asperger’s, whereas others may thrive in a school focused on arts, music, and play. The age of your child may dictate their needs, too: if you have a rambunctious high schooler, a structured environment may be key. On the other hand, if you have a preschooler, an environment where the relationship between the teacher and their students, rather than curriculum, is prioritized may be ideal.

Private vs. Public

Another thing to think about is private vs. public, a decision that will likely come down to your own values. Some parents choose a public school because they believe in supporting the public education system; others choose private schools for religious or academic reasons. If you are leaning towards private school, your budget will surely be a factor to consider.

Don’t Make a Decision Based on Test Scores Alone

For parents, how students in a school perform on paper can be a big determining factor for whether or not to send their own children to said school. As suggested by an article in TIME Magazine, try not to focus too much on test scores alone. While standardized test scores may be a good way to determine how a school is doing academically, standardized tests don’t measure everything, including a lot of the curriculum – like music, the development of critical thinking skills, art, dance, theatre, social skills, and more – that should be taught. If you only care about test scores, your child may be missing out on a lot.

Location Matters

Finally, don’t forget that the location of your child’s school matters. Things to think about location-wise include proximity to your home for convenience and social opportunities, and crime rates in the neighborhood the school is located. Most parents and children prefer schools that are within walking or biking distance from their homes, which can foster a sense of community – a very welcome feeling when in a new place too.

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