Diversity Leadership Council

Diversity Leadership Council

The mission of the Diversity Leadership Council is to: Create a culture where all employees and sales associates are valued and respected. Provide a forum for discussion that will increase our mutual understanding and respect. Develop strategies to provide equitable home services to a diverse community of buyers and sellers. 

Camilo Concepcion

Vice President

Brokerage Sales Leader

Director, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Keith Barnwell

Field Technician, Trusted Advisor

Information Technology

Christine Carlson

Vice President of Executive Communications

Melissa Cunningham 

Vice President 

Marketing + Brand

Paul Czubryt

Sales Leader 

Kate Endres

Executive Assistant to CEO

Kassie Erb

President Fox & Roach \ Trident Charities

Michelle Gibson

Accounting Technician

Crystal Hills

Director of Community Lending Division

Prosperity Home Mortgage

Ashley Levin

Manager, Agent Marketing Services

Michelle Lomuntad

Vice President Project Services & Product Development

Ric Martel

Senior Vice President, Brokerage Regional Manager

Brad Patt

Senior Vice President, Brokerage Regional Manager

Stacey Pierce

South Jersey Regional Manager

Trident Land Transfer

Wanda Reese

Senior Administrator 

Human Resources

Rajeev Sajja

Senior Vice President 

Digital Marketing and Innovation

Michelle Sands

Marketing Manager

Trident Insurance Agency

Gorsher Simpson

Client Service Agent

Trident Insurance Agency

Kimberly Thomas

Settlement Coordinator 

Team Lead
Trident Land Transfer