This is us…… We met through the motorcycle world several years ago. Yes, we both ride Harleys! We worked together on a special event to raise money for victims of domestic abuse. Within just a few short months we raised thousands of dollars. During that time we realized what a dynamic powerhouse team we were and that TOGETHER we could make magic happen! That’s when The Jamison Group was born. Cammy has been in real estate for 14 years. She is married with 2 children. Her daughter Kala is a journalist in Washington and her son Cole just joined us in real estate. Her husband Bob is retired from GM. Heidi also owns a dry cleaner in Fox Run with her husband Greg who works at a law firm in Wilmington. The have 5 children of all ages! She is new to real estate! Together, Cammy and Heidi believe that they can find every client their dream home, and partner with every home owner to sell their house when the time comes. People are our passion, we want to hear about yours!