Fox & Roach Charities Donates $50,000 to Respond

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Fox & Roach Charities Board of Trustees recently contributed a total of $150,000 for children’s education towards technology advancement to three separate organizations in commemoration of Fox & Roach Charities’ 20th anniversary. Respond, Inc., located at 532 State Street, Camden, NJ, was one recipient of a $50,000 gift to purchase smart boards and computers for five of their pre-school centers. “Our goal is to improve inner city education and our overall vision is to create an initiative that would involve all three states that we serve, to make a major difference in the lives of underprivileged youth,” explains BHHS Fox & Roach Chairman and CEO Larry Flick.

Gathered with a group of pre-school students at Respond, Inc. are (l to r) Wilbert Mitchell, Respond Inc. Executive Director; Bill Fox Jr., Trident Land Transfer Senior VP; Kassie Erb, Fox & Roach Charities President; Larry Flick, BHHS Fox & Roach Chairman & CEO; Joan Docktor, BHHS Fox & Roach President; Gerry Griesser, Trident Group CEO; and Cynthia T. Bagwell, Respond Inc. Board President. During this visit, executives observed students using their new smart boards and gained an understanding of how their donation has transformed the learning environment.

“This contribution was made to reach a goal that every non-board-of-education funded classroom at the school have the same learning computers and systems as the funded rooms,” explains Erb. “We are very proud of our funding and hope to continue our support to help underprivileged children gain access to technology,” she adds. "This grant is paving the way for others to help the children at Respond, Inc. with the most advanced technology to further their education and enhance their learning experience,” she explains. In addition to Respond, Inc. two other $50,000 donations for technology advancement were presented to the Gesu School in Philadelphia and West End Neighborhood House in Delaware.