Sandra Hedenberg, Vice President, Sales Manager

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Sandra Hedenberg
Sandra Hedenberg
What others are saying about Sandra Hedenberg as a Sales Leader:

"Sandy has created a space of openness, creativity, and functionality with her heart and spirit. She has sparked camaraderie and professionalism among agents both inside and outside the office. She empowers agents by helping them reach their full potential with her great leadership and guidance. Her greatest qualities include acknowledgments and her outstanding ability to be present when needed. We could not have asked for a better sales leader to run the Cherry Hill office." ~ Luis Ortiz

"I didn’t think it possible for me to reach new heights, not only has Sandy energized me through her sincere commitment to assist in maximizing my potential, Sandy has turned our entire office 180 degrees. Sandy’s spirit, genuine concern for others, her creativity, and leadership skills made me rethink my goals and reminded me that I still had a lot of steam in my engine. I've never been more excited to come to work, to attend meetings, training sessions, and mingle with my co-workers as I am now because of her reaching into our hearts, our minds and our souls. In short, Sandy is the real deal and the new prototype of what a LEADER should be. " ~ Charleen Orzechowski

After graduating from Rutgers with a degree in Marketing, she became the Director of Marketing in the new construction sales office of a condominium development company. This position allowed her to handle every aspect of a residential real estate transaction, providing her with an invaluable understanding of a Realtor's perspective. Recognizing the importance of constantly growing personally, she obtained her master’s degree in PR from Rowan University and a NJ Real Estate Broker’s License, as well as expanding her real estate practice across the bridge to PA. Her upbeat attitude, outgoing personality and strong work ethic have enabled her to build lasting positive relationships with her associates, clients and customers through the years.