Rachel Rowen, REALTOR®

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Rachel Rowen
Rachel Rowen
Rachel was born into the Real Estate business, and has been renovating properties since she was about 6 years old (is that even legal?). She started her own empire when she bought her first investment property just days before her 25th birthday. She uses her youth to her advantage and is exactly who you should be contacting if you think home-ownership just isn't in the cards for you right now. 
Rachel's expertise is in up-and-coming neighborhoods, DIY and after-repair-value, and investment management. She isn't just passionate about helping people find their dream homes; in her spare time she works with local animal rescues and fosters cats through Project Meow in West Philly, and dogs from ACCT Philly. In her words, she wants to "give you the freedom to build your own equity instead of your landlords, and a nice yard for your new pup wouldn't hurt either".