Priya S. Khanna, Sales Representative

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Priya  S. Khanna
Priya S. Khanna
Successful real estate agent and businesswoman who has consistently delivered tangible and measurable results serving clients from the Purchase/Sale/Rental of a condominium to Fine Home Properties. She owned, operated and marketed her own manufacturing business. Priya, who has a Masters Degree in Psychology understands and has the ability to deal with clients and prides herself in her strong interpersonal skills. She is Multilingual and has lived in many countries in the past 25 years. Highly motivated, personable, self-starter, team player with the ability to work proactively in deadline-driven environments. Major strengths include sales, marketing, problem solving, customer service, negotiating and deal closure. Demonstrated dependability and excellent organizational skills. She will give you the personal attention and will listen and handle all of the details and provide you with up to date information to help you make a knowledgeable decision. Priya will open the doors to your dream home !