Myles Kellam, REALTOR

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Myles Kellam
Myles Kellam

The Coleman Kellam Team is dedicated to surpassing client expectations throughout the home buying and selling process with high standards of excellence, expert guidance, and unmatched client service.

Our promise is to deliver:

· Zealous advocacy and perseverance in achieving our clients’ goals;

· Uncompromising ethics, no matter what the circumstance;

· Masterful planning and execution;

· Strategic expansions of the team to meet market needs;

· Cutting-edge and time-proven marketing and technology;

· Personal, one-on-one relationships with each client beginning with first consultation and continuing beyond settlement;

· A broad and deep understanding of current marketplace, trends, and stats.


This is our clients’ single biggest investment and we fully respect the responsibility they place in our hands.

We understand the human behind the transaction.

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