Marc Silver, Realtor

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Marc Silver
Marc Silver

A resident of Philadelphia for over twenty years and alumnus of the University of the Arts, Marc is well-versed in Philadelphia's arts, culture, and its many diverse and wonderful neighborhoods. While working as a music educator in the city's network of highly acclaimed private schools, he began investing in real estate to help meet long-term financial goals.

After purchasing his first home in 2006 and becoming a resident of the burgeoning Fishtown neighborhood, Marc and his husband purchased two more investment properties. In 2014 they purchased a new primary residence, which they lovingly renovated and restored to its original character. In 2016 Marc decided to begin his career as a realtor.

When not keeping a hawk-eye on real estate trends, he hosts a writing group, writes music for film t/v, and performs with his band, The Stonethrowers. Marc can also be found playing ultimate frisbee as a member of PADA: the Philadelphia Area Disc Alliance.