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Lorei Kwok
Lorei Kwok
Since 2010 Lorei Kwok has been a licensed real estate agent and is know in the real estate world as a problem solver and a go-getter. She prides herself in the fact that she is truthful and a strong communicator. She educates her prospects and clients on the process of buying or selling while removing the inherent fears one may have as they embark in their real estate journey. She does this by setting expectations up front as to what one can expect from her, the company and the process.

Lorei was originally drawn to the business because she saw it as a way to do good and help people achieve their dreams. Throughout the years, she has experienced many challenges in an ever-changing market and thrives off the ability to overcome any obstacle for her clients. Her patience, knowledge, and ambition ensures clients will reach their real estate goals.

Lorei bought her first home when she was 24 years old and is actively working towards building her portfolio ever since. Her personal investment in real estate makes her a competitive asset for her clients as she has high expectations for herself as a real estate salesperson and is constantly expanding her knowledge through each experience.

As a current resident in Philadelphia (specifically Fishtown), Lorei loves the history, diversity and culture the city offers and welcomes the opportunity to learn whatever she can wherever she goes. So whether it visiting a museum or strolling down the streets to simply interacting with strangers Lorei is excited and eager to dive right into the occasion. Plus, she loves enjoying the city with her husband, friends, and family. She is also an animal lover and enjoys cuddling with her cat, Takky, while watching TV or reading a good book.

Lorei is a breast cancer survivor since 2013. After being diagnosed when she was 33, without any family history, she underwent intensive and aggressive cancer treatment that has given her a new perspective on life and the importance of counting her blessings every day.

Lorei has a bachelor degree in communications (2002) from The University of Alabama (UA) and a bachelor degree in education (2008) from The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH).