Keren Niv , Realtor

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Keren Niv
Keren Niv
Keren Niv has nearly two decades of experience as a real estate professional, and as a result, has become one of the Delaware Valley’s leading experts on residential property and the real estate market. She prides herself on providing up to date feedback on current housing trends along with a realistic projection of what her clients can expect to achieve. Her returning clients value her impeccable work ethic and trust her expertise. They know what they can expect.
This extremely mindful woman is committed to balancing her passionate real estate practice with her personal philosophy of living life in balanced awareness. In fact, she teaches mindfulness as a certified yoga instructor. This combination of commitment creates extraordinary ease when working with her clients. A very different and successful perspective.
Keren was a long-time resident of Philadelphia and now lives in Cherry Hill, New Jersey with her husband and two sons. She has extensive familiarity with both areas including the details of neighborhoods, nearby recreational facilities, and specific lifestyle standards.  Do you have a question about location? Which area would be best for you? Your family? Lifestyle and finances? 
Keren can ease your mind and help alleviate the stress associated with these questions. If you are ready to collaborate on your best future, call or email Keren. Allow her expertise to guide you and help determine how to best meet your individual needs. Let her connect you with your perfect home.