Joanne Bailey, Sales Associate

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Joanne Bailey
Joanne Bailey

As a member of the Young Group I will be with you for many years. Working as a team teacher throughout my career honed my skills of listening, guiding and providing direction. Children see the world in tidy packages and derive satisfaction from completed projects. This philosophy informs my skill set as a realtor. The buyer’s needs are of paramount concern to me and I will not rest until I have sold their house and/or installed them in a new location.

Need to buy or sell a home? Not sure about the current market? Looking for that realtor you'll keep for life? The one who cares about your needs and focuses on listening rather than talking?
As a mother and a new grandmother to a beautiful baby girl, I am dedicated to providing a personal, as well as an empathetic touch, to every transaction. My roots were solidly planted in southern Philadelphia until I called New Jersey home. As a 20+-year resident of South Jersey I have grown to know the landscape in this area intimately and comprehensively.

I am a professional you can count on for expert guidance and trust to manage your home transaction seamlessly from the start to the end. My personal mission is to add value to focused customer service.

Together with my colleagues we will deliver the best of the best.