Joann Portnoy, Salesperson

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Joann Portnoy
Joann Portnoy

JoAnn is the consummate saleswoman. In fact, she has been in sales most of her life. At the age of 15, she worked in sales surpassing all goals to be met. Even when she was in college, JoAnn worked in a competitive retail environment exceeding all sales quotas.  She is extremely passionate about meeting and exceeding the goals of her clients. In addition to sales, JoAnn was an award winning business and computer teacher for over twenty years, achieving such accomplishments as Teacher of the Year, Governor’s acknowledgement for most accomplished teacher. In addition to her teaching career, she never left the world of sales, which included soaring the ladder of success to middle management status in one of the East Coast’s largest retailers. She has been a mentor to many and has guided underprivileged and troubled youth toward a world of success and accomplishment!

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