Jennifer Durham, Realtor

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Jennifer Durham
Jennifer Durham
I have always been interested in Real Estate, even as a little girl in the Philly suburbs. I always wanted to know what was for sale, who was moving out and who was moving in. I got my license as soon as I was old enough and got my feet wet and a very early age. I've managed a Real Estate Office where I learned about rentals, property management, bookkeeping and commercial properties. I changed careers when I started a family so that my income was steady and dependable. I found myself in Project Management in the Pharma/Biotech world where I stayed for 12 years. I learned how important timely, accurate communication was; how to negotiate with a variety of vendors and clients; how to manage multi-million dollar budgets; how to develop and lead a cohesive project team; and most importantly, how essential outstanding customer service is in today's world. I was ready for a change and wanted to do something rewarding. All of my skills seamlessly integrated into the Real Estate arena and I now work for the best company in the Real Estate Industry!

You won't see a lot of listings on my page, on purpose.  I intentionally keep the number of my concurrent clients to 10 or less. As my client, you are expecting my full attention and focus and I am committed to being able to provide that for you. Streamlining my workflow processes, using technology and social media, and limiting my annual transactions allows me the time to focus on clients and provide excellent service.
My favorite part about real estate is the feeling I get from clients once closing is complete and they are handed the keys to their new home: the excitement radiates in all directions and I'm proud to have been there to help them through the process!
Did you know we also have a mobile app so you can find out about houses as you're out looking?  Simply text 'FR41752' to 87778 from your smartphone and follow the instructions!
Celebrating 25+ Years of Being a Real Estate Professional!