Jamilah Perry, Realtor, Sales Associate

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Jamilah Perry
Jamilah Perry
Jamilah Perry, owner of Lawje’ Investments (a real estate investment business providing quality rental units in Delaware County) became interested in real estate when she purchased her first property 16 years ago. Using her creativity and decorative ingenuity she quickly transformed that house into a beautiful home. She then became totally consumed with a love for buying and selling real estate, she began researching, studying and telling everyone about real estate. Today she owns several residential properties in Pennsylvania, she knows the market and she knows the people. Ms Perry loves real estate but her greatest joy is educating and helping the consumers meet their goals. She prides herself on her ability to LISTEN to the client's need and making their needs her priority. Her goal is to help anyone who is buying or selling a home regardless of their doubts or fear.
  • Your Trusted Advisor
  • Your Market Expert

Specializing in the following services:

  • Investment Properties
  • First Time Home Buyers
  • Residential Existing Homes