Helene Donohue, Sales Associate, Realtor

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Helene Donohue
Helene Donohue
Helene Donohue has worked in Chester and Delaware Counties as Realtor for over 20 years and has had a very successful real estate career built on client referrals. Helene has had the privilege to serve close to 1,000 families make a real estate move.  Helene is a dedicated Realtor who has invested in herself and in her profession by serving in the following capacities: 
- Realtor Lawyer Committee 1997 - 2008
- Director, Chester County Board of Realtors, 2002 - 2006 (Chester County Board of Realtors merged with Delaware Valley Board of Realtors end of 2003)
- Elected Director of the newly merged Suburban West Realtor's Association, 2004 - 2006
- Appointed to the Southeast Regional Professional Standards Committee, December 2000
Helene is the recipient of the following awards:
- Chester County Association of Realtors Winners Round Table 2001, 2002, 2003
- Awarded the prestigious Century 21 Centurion Status 2002- 2007
-Appointed Director to Pennsylvania Association of Realtors for six years
Helene Donohue is a dedicated professional and is experienced in making a transaction go smoothly. Every transaction is going to have an issue and you need a professional who has the experience to know how to resolve the problem and to communicate the solution, Helene is that Realtor that can work for you!