Glenn Gutkowski, Realtor® Sales Associate

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Glenn Gutkowski
Glenn Gutkowski
I have a lot of passion. No venture can succeed without it and, for that reason, I bring my passion to bear on the service I offer my clients. I love what I do and I do it well. My areas of expertise include long term investment and personal, residential real estate. I'm happy to work with anyone, regardless of budget. I bring a calm, even temper to the table in a very emotional industry. I have shown over a thousand houses and sat over a hundred inspections. I enjoying sharing my knowledge and experience with my clients. Knowledge is a super-power,the best super power, really, as its the only super-power you can share. My knowledge extends from Moorestown, Medford, and Burlington County, north to Princeton and West Windsor in Mercer County, and east to the Jersey Shore, from Cape May and Brigantine north to Long Beach Island and even Sandy Hook. It took years to understand these markets, individually, and I'm happy to share that understanding with my clients. 
The clients I enjoy working with the most can have a good laugh, though I also have a deep appreciation of the intensity that most investors bring to the table. I love informing my clients. Maybe that's the teacher in me speaking, but I do. The people who've worked with me tend to appreciate the depth of my knowledge and the extent of my network. I take the fiduciary oath, my oath to you that I will uphold your best and highest interests, even above my own, very seriously. I go by a "service first" model. 
Personally, I'm an avid outdoorsman and published outdoor journalist. I'm considering expanding my portfolio to real estate ethics, martial arts, and philosophy. I ran a writing program at a charter school and was a private sommelier for a little bit. I am a blacksmith. I cook and that means I will absolutely talk to you about food while we're touring.