Gary Steinberg, Associate

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Gary Steinberg
Gary Steinberg
Twenty years of product development and marketing in the home improvement and building trades industry, for multiple-location organizations operating in three states. Accomplished community leadership through civic association presidencies, Non-profit health care and community development boards. EDUCATION: University of Pennsylvania - Wharton School UGCE PROFESSIONAL: MBS Associates - Partner, Commercial real estate development and management/ The Garwood Group - Marketing consulting/ Duron Paints and Wallcoverings - Regional Administration Manager/ Buten Paints - VP Marketing, Retail and wholesale chain store operation COMMUNITY: Terri Lynne Lokoff Foundation - Vice President, Board Member/ Albert Einstein Healthcare Network -Board of Overseers '98-'06/ North Ardmore Civic Association - Past Presidency, 2 terms/ Moss Rehabilitation Hospital - Past Treasurer, Trustee/ Golden Slipper Charities - Permanent Board Member/ American Red Cross -Volunteer Transportation Specialist/ New Manayunk Corporation(MDC) - Founding Board Member/ Riverway Environmental Education Association - Founder/ Philadelphia Water Department - CAC, Stormwater Runoff
  • Integrity.....Beyond Reproach!
  • Honesty..........Beyond Question!
  • Business Experience....Beyond Compare!
  • Client Responsiveness.....Beyond Expectation!