Gabriel Casas, Realtor

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Gabriel Casas
Gabriel Casas
I have 12 years of experience as a realtor, a reputation for tenaciously looking after my client’s interests. I provide a savvy negotiation style and cutting edge marketing strategies as well as integrity, honesty and dedication to my clients. I am a hard-working family man who will do everything in my power to ensure my clients’ success. Previous to my career in Real Estate,
I was a sales rep in NYC for a graphics and photography company, my clients were mostly Fortune 500 companies. I was responsible for multiple Million Dollar accounts in a very high pressure business. Altogether I have been doing sales for close to 30 years. I live in Bethlehem Township with my wife of 26 years and our 2 wonderful young men who attend Freedom High School.
  •  Listing and Buyer agent
  • Residential properties, income properties and commercial real estate.
  • Exceptional attention to skilled negotiations, keen knowledge of property values.
  • Expertise in resolving difficult and challenging transactions.
I will prepare and present an unvarnished analysis of your home and can provide you with advice on how best to present your home for sale. I am not an agent that will erroneously represent your house and provide you with misinformation of the current market in order to procure your listing. The listing of a house is probably the easiest step in the sale of a property. Screening offers and working with other agents or buyers to bring the offer to a close is another of my strengths. I stay on top of every aspect and timeline, constantly communicating with all parties in order to make the transaction as smooth as possible for my clients.