Elena Dicristofaro, Real Estate Consultant

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Elena Dicristofaro
Elena Dicristofaro

Elena Dicristofaro – Caring Professional

Elena has been a licensed Realtor since 2003. Currently, she is continuing her education as a Full time Real Estate Broker to gain Designations as a Resort Specialist, Property management and to bring families their dreams to live at the shore.

Honest, natural, and unfiltered! Loves the people in her life for who they truly are, and she cares for your loved ones unconditionally. She doesn’t discriminate also has no room for animosity.

Elena’s ancestry includes a Family Legacy of The First Female Real Estate Broker Broker in the State Of Pennsylvania. All of the family knowledge of Real Estate has passed down the knowledge since 1924. Continuously moving forward, she provides for her family at home, has two Children, and leads the example to spend quality time with family close by at The Jersey Shore !

Elena’s future in Working with The Home Team, has shown her that working with a close knit team and having the same Ethics in common, makes a constructive skill to move forward on every angle in Real Estate with compassion and professionalism.

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