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Ed Peterson
Ed Peterson

I hail from the Great Midwest, where real estate first beckoned me as a college intern for Citibank in Chicago. Continuing with Citibank after graduating I helped hundreds of people realize their dream of home ownership, advising and guiding individuals, families and businesses.

For the next 7 years, while my growing family relocated to Toronto, I joined community groups, including an active homeowners associations reviewing the University of Toronto's building expansion. The experience taught me about neighborhoods and the attributes that make places most desirable.

The past 10 years I've called Wayne home. My daughter graduated from one of the Mainline excellent schools, the Shipley School. I remained the flexible parent and jumped into the school and community outreach. I found time to start a catering company and restaurant, which taught me how to best juggle multiple projects and leveraged my Marketing degree.

Nowadays, my wife and I call Narberth home after an extended tour of the Baltic states like Estonia and Latvia. Much of the time we biked with a travel tandem. We still bike, however, much less ambitiously! If you see a tandem bike on the road, it's probably us!

I am excited to come back to real estate! My understanding of the process, appreciation of neighborhoods, and ability to market make now the perfect time for me to help you buy or sell. Give me a call- I'll be there for you every time.

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