Dan Frank, REALTOR®

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Dan Frank
Dan Frank
In all that I do in my life, I thank God for the many blessings that I have received, especially for my family (Colossians 3:17) 
Besides working in Real Estate, which I love very much, I have worked as an engineer, manager, and director in a medical device company for many years.
I also own and operate a commercial office cleaning & building maintenance franchise.  In my early years I even worked as a coal miner and a machine operator in a lamp factory.  I play and study bass guitar and volunteer as a bassist in my church's worship team at Faith Church.  I love sports, music, reading, & travel to the south.
In addition to my Real Estate License, I have earned four technical and business diplomas, three of which I earned while working full time:
  • Associates Degree - Lincoln Technical Institute
  • Bachelor of Science - Albright College
  • Master of Engineering - Penn State University
  • Master of Science - University of Pennsylvania
I will treat everyone by the Golden Rule (Matthew 7:12)
I want you to know that you are valued as much more than a client to me.  I will give you total honesty and integrity in all of my work efforts for you.
There are many Realtors to choose from, but my personal and professional experience combined with my commitment to you as my client is your insurance policy against disappointment. 
I would be honored if you called me today to discuss your future real estate plans!