Buzz Hansen

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Buzz Hansen
Over the past 37 years in Customer Service with Bell of Pennsylvania, Bell Atlantic, and Verizon, I gained an incomparable understanding of the importance of quality, expedient, and competent follow up in regards to every client's needs. Additionally, I learned how to set myself apart from the crowd. My approach will be tailored to your specific needs.

My genuine interest in people, and in exceeding my client's needs and expectations, are the cornerstones of y practice. I have an understanding of customers' desires through the extensive Customer Service Training I have received, including Project Management and Root Cause Analysis. In short, I will listen to your request, and ask questions that will help achieve your end goal. 

I possess in depth experience and knowledge of both new and older homes through the telecommunications industry, along with the knowledge and experience of new home construction and new housing developments. This wiil help me guide the prospective buyer and they will, in turn, feel more confident in the purchase of my client's home.

Action as a partial General Contractor n the construction of my previous and current home residence, I have gained knowledge and expericence that will help me teach my sellers and buyers what to look for and what questions to ask when considering their purchase. 

Being appointed as the president of the Home Owners Association in my own community for the past 5 years, will help provide clarity when explaining both sections, 3407 and 5407, of the the uniform condominiums and PUDs.

My expertise, patience, enthusiasm, and client centric focus will ensure your real estate transactions will be an easy, pleasant, and profitable experience. My personal approach to the marketing of your home is different from many of the realtors out there. Rather than just telling you what your home is worth, I will show you how to expose its maximum value. 

Additionally, my goal is to share with you a verified method to increase your bottom line, have less disturbance on your daily life, and complete the task in a timely, expedient, and professional manner.

If you are looking to buy your nest home, I will guide you through every step of the process, while offering competent and complete customer service along te way. I am confident that my work ethic and dedication will not only be elements that you appreciate, but also will recommend to others in similar situations. I appreciate your faith in trusting me with handling your real estate needs.