AJ Cutright, Realtor

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AJ Cutright
AJ Cutright
AJ Cutright is a father, Realtor®, and freelance musician living in Quakertown, PA. AJ's entire adult life has been spent serving others. He believes the role of a Realtor® is to protect clients, not just sell real estate.
As a customer service representative at Philadelphia Insurance Companies, AJ solved dozens of problems every day, answering coverage questions, resolving billing issues, and directing potential clients to the appropriate product. In just under two years, he was offered three promotions, the third of which he declined as he was moving on to the most important job of his life.
Upon the birth of his first child, AJ became a stay-at-home father. There's something about being 100% responsible for another human life that puts things into perspective. Most importantly, AJ has refined his intuition and deploys empathy on an almost constant basis.

For fun, AJ enjoys cooking with his wife, learning about health and fitness, reading biographies, looking at houses (yes, for fun, and you know you do too!), and wrestling with his kids.