Fox & Roach Charities "Big Idea"

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To commemorate our 20th anniversary, Fox & Roach Charities Board of Trustees has announced their “Big Idea” project. We have contributed a total of $150,000 for children’s education towards technology advancement to three separate organizations. The vision was to create an initiative that would involve all three states and make a major difference in the lives of underprivileged youth.

We were made aware of the serious need across our service area for more updated technology and we want to help. With budgets tight, many have little-to-no room for technology upgrades. Also, children need to have access and the know-how through technology to get ahead in today’s world. Therefore, the Board decided this was where our help was needed.

The Board granted the following worthy and much-in-need recipients $50,000 each:

Gesu School, Philadelphia, PA: One-to-one Chromebooks for more than 90 students for in-class and after-school programs. This one-to-one access allows teachers to tailor their instruction and easily track students’ progress. We will also provide storage carts, licensing and new wiring in some classrooms. Our goal is to assist Gesu to keep their equipment and programs up-to-date, efficient and at the leading edge of educational advancements.

Respond, Inc., Camden, NJ: HATCH smartboards and 13 iStartSmart Pre-K touchscreen computers, software, and table for all non board of education funded classrooms. In New Jersey, some students/classrooms are funded by the Camden City Board of Education (BOE) and have HATCH computers and smart boards. It was evident that certain kids have no technology. Our decision was to supply those students access to the only preschool computer technology that focuses on developing 18 core math and literacy skills, essential for success in school and beyond. This program allows the student to move at their own pace and track and assess how they are doing.

West End Neighborhood House (in partnership with Hilltop Lutheran Neighborhood Center), Wilmington, DE: 30 computers, printers, iPads, charging stations, speakers, software, hardware and wiring, and a part-time technology integration teacher at West End and Hilltop’s computer labs. This will help offer after-school, evening and summer programs that provide free access to technology to 600 disadvantaged youth, grades K-12, from high crime and impoverished areas. These children will have assistance to prepare for success in school, in the workplace, and post-secondary education or training, while giving them a safe place after-school and during the summer.

We are very proud of our funding and are aware that there is still more work to be done. We hope to continue our support towards this “Big Idea” and help underprivileged children so that they have the same learning, through technology, that other children have. We will share more about each of these organizations and our commitment to assist them. Just a note: 2014 marked our largest grant request to date, with the Board of Trustees donating $247,000 to 14 local non-profits in need and received more than 80 grant applications totaling requests of more than $950,000.

Click here to see a full list of our 2014 Board of Trustees grantees and office and department fund donations.